Amy McGregor-Radin

I print white line woodcuts and create mixed media work which express my appreciation for color and nature, strong emotions, and a busy life.

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I'd love to hear from you and welcome inquiries about my work.

What's a White Line Woodcut?

I create my prints with a technique called “white-line” woodcut or Provincetown print, devised by a group of  Provincetown artists in the early 1900’s. It differs from traditional woodcuts in that it requires just one block for all the colors.

How are they made?

I transfer my design to a pine board and using an X-acto knife or other tool, incise around each shape. 

Using watercolors I paint each shape individually, printing that shape onto the paper before moving to the next shape, essentially creating a monoprint. Hand printing an entire image takes several hours.

This white-line technique blends my love for working with wood and playing with color and shapes. There is always an element of surprise to making a print.

Amy McGregor-Radin

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